Svendborg - a seafaring town - have for generations housed boat builders and shipyards for wooden ships – the first can be traced back to medieval times.

A substantial part of the proud sailing ships of times past were built in and based in Svendborg. In 1890 70% of all Danish vessels were registered in South Funen. Even today the town is a very active maritime town and next to Copenhagen the town has most of the Danish based ship owners, brokers and technical offices.

A major part of seamen get their training at Svendborg. Maritime training establishments have based their activities here. In fact navigational training started already in 1820. Over the years a number of schools came to Svendborg. A huge number of good seafarers, cadets, navigators and captains have started their career here.


Company Profile


H.H. Danship AS was established 1986 and is actively involved within the dry-cargo coaster market with special focus on timber, paper and pulp cargoes from the Baltic area to a number of European destinations.

In addition to its core business H.H. Danship AS is also carrying products such as project cargoes, wind energy, raw minerals, chipboards, fertilizers, steel and grain.

A number of these commodities are generated by exclusive and direct charterers.

H.H. Danship AS is also involved in heavylift and project cargoes throughout the world which includes international haulage and door-to-door projects / deliveries. Furthermore HH Danship is representing the Spanish based NordicMaritime who since August, 2013 has been operating a bi-weekly linerservice from Bilbao to Esbjerg,
transporting parts basically for the windmill and –off shore industry.

The company currently operates a fleet of 9 modern boxhold coasters ranging from 1500 to 4200 dwt of which a number are suitable for the Finnish inland water system as well as the River Seine.

The company is acting as ship agents at the port of Svendborg.

H.H. Danship AS is under the management of Leif G. Hansen and Jørgen Lauersen – both with a solid shipping experience.

Daugther company H.H. Dancarriers Aps
(a 100% Danship subsidiary)

Danske Bank, Svendborg

H.H. Danship AS is a member of Bimco.

55 03 N 10 37 E

H.H. Danship AS
Jessens Mole 15
DK-5700 Svendborg

P +45 6321 2929
F +45 6222 8191